Gaming Resources

I have a company for publishing supplements compatible with classic D&D at OED Games. I maintain a blog on current gaming insights/issues over at Delta's D&D Hotspot. And I'm one half of the Wandering DMs, hosting weekly livestream D&D conversations on YouTube, Twitch, and podcast venues. Older stuff and samples of my game-based writing can also be found below.

Role-Playing Games

This is a repository for accessories to specific role-playing games that you might be able to use. Subsections below are organized by particular game system. You'll also see some overlap with my software pages, as game-specific software will also be linked under the game system.

Original Edition Delta
My variants/house rules based on Original D&D (linked on the OED Games website).

Dan's Diminutive d20
My minimal offshoot of the d20 System, published under the Open Game License. Assumes familiarity and use of the 3rd Edition System Reference Document.

Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd Edition
This is the last version of the D&D game, that I played fairly extensively. While somewhat complicated, this edition is quite pleasing and the effort and consideration that went into it is commendable.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
In general, my materials and AD&D play are developed from the original 1st Edition. However, there's so much similarity between 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D that they can usually be considered the same system. All my accessories for AD&D therefore fall into this single section.

Star Frontiers RPG
Here I've stored materials for TSR's science-fiction game, Star Frontiers (published 1982-1985). I've created quite a few resources for both the Alpha Dawn (RPG-level rules) and Knight Hawks (fighting spaceships) rulesets of the game.

Marvel Super Heroes RPG
This section contains a few suggestions for TSR's superhero game (published circa 1984-1986). Anything here is suitable for either the Original or Advanced ruleset versions.

What Made Original D&D Great
An essay that I originally wrote in 1994 on the design principles that made the original D&D game so great.

Thumbs Down to D&D 3.5 Edition
An explanation on why I chose to avoid D&D 3.5 Edition like the plague.

Computer Games

This section provides links to supplements, commentary, and add-ons for my favorite computer games.

There's only one PC strategy game worth talking about, and you guessed it, it's Starcraft! Click on the link above for a variety of home-brewed goodies.

Not actually a commercial game, the Robot Auto Racing Simulator is an open racing-game engine which allows computer programmers to compete in writing AI (artificial intelligence) robots which race each other, following the annual Formula 1 schedule. Click on the link to see how I've done most recently.

Papyrus Design Memories
I worked at Papyrus Design Group in the late 1990's (maker of NASCAR Racing, IndyCar Racing, Grand Prix Legens, etc., on the PC). Here are some memories from that time.