Papyrus Design Memories

I worked at Papyrus Design Group from 1996-1998: the legendary developer of high-end racing simulations for the PC. I didn't work on the first cycle of games, but I did work on NASCAR Racing 2, NASCAR Racing Online Series, and Grand Prix Legends. My first real job out of college, it's still some of my proudest work and fondest memories.

"The Long and Winding Road", Newsletter from 1997

Staff at the company put together internal newsletters in the Spring, Summer and Winter of 1997. There are overviews of things being worked on at the company, reports from several of us going to racing school, art direction philosophy, poetry and artwork from the staff, and also surveys on "What are you currently working on outside Papyrus?", and "What's the most embarrassing event of your life that you can think of?". A quick sprint down memory lane.