Star Frontiers Resources

The present page contains resources for TSR's science fiction game (published circa 1982-1985). This includes stuff for both the Alpha Dawn (RPG-level rules) and Knight Hawks (fighting spaceships) boxed sets. Most of these items first appeared on my gaming blog, so I've also included links to those articles for context. THIS PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Alpha Dawn Resources

Character Spreadsheet
A facsimile of the original SF character sheet in handy spreadsheet form (ODS file). Presented on blog here.

Character Pregens
Eight pregenerated SF characters at the 200 experience level (so: usually one skill maxed out at level 6).

Knight Hawks Resources

Basic Weapons
A copy of the basic weapons table, which is all any player needs to interface with in the initial game. Triplicate copy on standard sheet: slice & hand to each player get started. Included in presentation of my house rules on blog here.

Fighter Roster
The Boardgame Ship Rosters in the Campaign Book are pretty useful for boardgame record-keeping. But they only hold 4 ships per page, which is kind of a waste in the case of the dinky Fighters with just a few stats each. Here's a custom version with 8 Fighter rosters on a single page (with all the stats pre-filled). On blog here.