What's New

This page maintains a list of the most recently added parts of this website.

10/26/23: Updated my Resume to include work with Wandering DMs and the 2023 Solving Chainmail Jousting paper presented at CG 2022. Added my Bluesky presence to Socials.

9/28/21: Created a new main page for the Star Frontiers game, to highlight various resources initially shared on my blog.

1/12/20: Reorganized navigation buttons on the main page. Some minor updates to the Gaming, Music, Software, and Resume pages. Cleaned up old, unused folders & files under the hood. Added a new Social Media page.

9/26/18: Updated the Resume.

12/31/17: Revised the Spell Areas on a Grid page to simply present the rule as per 3.5/Pathfinder editions. (As opposed to the earlier version, in which I provided options and analysis for different possible interpretations of the ambiguous 3.0-era rules.)

12/30/17: Added a page of Papyrus Design Memories, in particular, the internal newsletter from 20 years ago today!

7/09/17: Added Minidice, a minimalistic doce-rolling app. Even works on my agining feature phone. A Dragonbone of my very own!

7/15/16: In the process of converting all pages on the site to proper HTML5 formatting (fixes title fonts, mobile device issues, future maintenence, etc.). Last change dates on the footer of each page will be maintained to last article edit.

3/23/14: Moved the OED house rules downloads to the dedicated OED Games website (redirected links there).

12/26/13: Update my Resume.

11/09/13: Added the ISS Watcher page.

2/02/13: Old server died and everything was offline for a week (apologies). New server is running on improved hardware, should be faster & more reliable.

1/13/13: New home page, directory reorganization, and updates all over the site. There may be a few broken links lurking around, but everything that was here should still be available. (Please email if you spot a broken link within the site, thanks!)

1/12/13: Updated the Music page for current status and links.

12/28/12: Updated the Resume and Gaming pages, with links to the OED Games business, new class I've taught, etc.

5/29/10: GridMapper, a Windows application for quickly drawing dungeons, here.

1/02/10: One-sheet on the "Target 20" system, a simple core mechanic for classic D&D, here.

8/11/09: Updated Original Edition Delta (v0.5), here.

6/06/09: Took out a broken link to D&D 3.5 change documents, and added a link to my own download of same here.

6/04/09: Updated Original Edition Delta (v0.4), here.

3/26/09: Updated Original Edition Delta (v0.3), here.

3/16/09: Added Original Edition Delta, OD&D house rules, here.

3/14/09: Add links to my blogs at AngryMath.com and Delta's D&D Hotspot (on the Essays and Gaming pages, respectively).

9/29/08: Added a Music page redirecting to Victor Bravo, the Pipelords, and Hurting Daniel.

9/27/08: Updated "Dan's Diminutive d20", to version 1.1, here.

9/08/08: Posted "Dan's Diminutive d20", minimal offshoot of the d20 System, here.

8/28/07: Updated the "Open Gaming Combat Simulator" to version 1.01, here.

8/08/07: Added the "Open Gaming Combat Simulator for Windows" program, used for starting CR estimations in D&D, here.

8/07/07: Put up a document of "Standard Party Statistics" for D&D playtests here.

7/13/07: Added "Dice Rolling Macros" for spreadsheets here.

1/21/07: Added "AD&D Fix-Up" page here.

12/17/06: Added primer on playing Starcraft d20 here.

12/04/06: "Gelatinous cube" monster pictures, here.

05/19/06: Added the front-page link to MySpace.com. Bloggy, networky goodness. :) Also updated my resume with newest courses, here.

04/05/06: Uploaded floor plans to "The Keep on the Borderlands", here.

09/02/05: I've moved from Boston to New York! Notice my new address on the ol' resume here.

08/15/05: A new spell for D&D, needed for numerous classic conversions: mask object, an illusion (glamer) that permanently hides a single object.

07/11/05: Revised version of D&D 3.0 NPC Generator, here.

06/21/05: Uploaded a new version of the "d20 System Monster QuickStats" spreadsheet, with average hit points included, here.

06/15/05: A version of the Puyo-Puyo game, in Java, here.

06/09/05: Uploaded new "generic counters" for any type of D&D monster, here.

06/08/05: Uploaded a new version of the D&D "Monster Monograph", here, and a new version of the C++ library "Dice" here.

06/01/05: Reset the Guest Book to get rid of a bunch of spammed entries (now defunct).

05/26/05: Rules for the TV show The Apprentice, here.

02/25/05: Added my assembly-language dice-rolling program "roll" (only 221 bytes), here.

01/11/05: "A Look Inside the Mind of the Dan", 70 words and pictures to show where my brain is at most of the time, here.

01/09/05: A short record of "Object-Oriented Design Principles", thoughts on what makes for a powerful object-oriented program design after finishing a small board game project, here.

09/05/04: An essay called "See Your Papers?", here.

07/24/04: Added to the Software page: a SimEarth .PLA-to-.BMP height map converter (Pla2Bmp), and the minimal Bitmap module C++ source code it uses, here.

07/16/04: Added a page for suggestions on how to convert classic Marvel Super Heroes RPG characters to the d20-style Mutants and Masterminds game system, here.

05/31/04: Added a version of Jamis Buck's 3.0 NPC Generator which I have modified. Included a version of Sean K. Reynold's gear-generator spreadsheet. Source code provided. You can find all that here.

05/02/04: Updated the C++ source code modules at the bottom of this page.

03/07/04: Updated "Math Formulas for D&D" with corrections, here. Now saved as an RTF file.

10/05/03: Added some recent D&D discussions. An essay on why I say "Thumbs Down to 3.5 Edition" is here. New developments in the great "Caster Level" debate can be found here.

6/21/03: Re-organized the links on the main page. Created a single page for gaming, here. Added a compilation of mathematical formulas in D&D, here, in PDF format 'cuz that's what all the kids seem to like these days.